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Sound Testing

Acoustic testing | Airborne and Impact Testing | Part E

Acoustic Testing

Sound testing, without the noise

We offer Part E acoustic testing to meet building regulation compliance for the resistance to sound. This includes party walls airborne wall tests and party floor impact testing.

What is Acoustic Testing?

Acoustic testing is used prove compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations. Measure must be in place to ensure minimum sound insulation is provided between party walls and party floors. Specific requirements also exist for some internal rooms, this do not require testing.

A party wall will require two airborne tests. This should include a test between living rooms and a test between bedrooms, where possible. Party floors requires two airborne and two impact tests. Again this should ideally include a set of test between living rooms and bedrooms. On large developments 50% of the units are required to be tested, and this should be phased through the longevity of the build programme.

Compliance can also be gained using Robust Details. However these must be submitted at design stage. If the property is now complete it will require a set of sound tests.

You can find our more about Part E Building Regulations at the Goverments website.

You can find out more about Robust Details on their dedicated website.

How can we help?

Our engineers and equipment is fully UKAS compliant. We have been acoustic testing for many years and our knowledge of sound insulation will save you costly design mistakes. If, in the unlikely event, you fail your sound test our engineers have the expertise to be able to isolate any problems and suggest proactive remedial solutions.

We can also provide air tightness testing. And while we do not recommend they are undertaken at the same time, we can schedule the two tests in so that you receive the test results in a timely manner.

What next?

If you are ready for testing please call us now and we can book you in. if you are looking for some advice and what needs testing or whether you design is likely to meet the requirements then get in touch. We are here to help.


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