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Building Regulations 25A

Building Regulations 25A
What is Building Regulations 25A?

Renewable and low-carbon technology is constantly improving, and Part 25A of Building Regulations ensures that architects, construction companies and developers have considered the latest high-efficiency alternative systems for new buildings. These could be:

How is it assessed?

I think about the suitability of these systems from a technical, environmental and economic point of view. I take all sorts of different factors into account: the availability of technologies, local energy infrastructure and networks, heat maps, space for equipment installation, local environmental issues such as overshading and windspeeds, the size of the development and the cost of installing a high-efficiency alternative system.

Why is it required?

You’ll need to submit a formal report to Building Control, before construction starts, showing that you’ve assessed the possibility of using a high-efficiency system. It’s part of a drive towards making the construction industry environmentally aware and bringing down the carbon footprint of new buildings. You’ll want to find the most appropriate and cost-effective technology for your project, and this report will show you’ve explored all the options.

What else you might want to know…

Putting together the report for Part 25A of Building Regulations requires in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of new systems. I have a wealth of experience of low-carbon and renewable technologies, and I’d love to help.


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