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What is BS ISO 14068-1:2023 – Carbon neutrality – all about?

April 24, 2024

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Andrew Sadler

BSI Standards have released a new solution for carbon neutrality. Read more about it in our latest blog.

There’s no doubt that we ALL have a (big!) part to play in reaching net zero by 2050. Whatever organisation you are – no matter what your focus is – everyone needs to work hard to achieve carbon neutrality.

However, greenwashing, unsubstantiated emissions statements and unclear outlines around scope are creating barriers against organisations achieving carbon neutral status. For that reason, this ‘thing’ that we should all be throwing ourselves into with gusto can feel shrouded in confusion.

That’s why we were incredibly pleased to hear that BSI Standards had released a credible solution and brand new standard to follow: BS ISO 14068-1:2023. This new international standard aims to set out strong principles and detailed, verifiable requirements on quantification and the reduction (or removal) of GHG emissions. Here, we explore this new standard a little deeper.


What is the BS ISO 14068-1:2023 standard on carbon neutrality?

BS ISO 14068-1:2023 is a standard that can be used by any organisation – whether in the private or public sectors – that wishes to make either the organisation or a product that it sells climate neutral.  

This carbon neutrality standard specifies principles, requirements and guidance for achieving (and demonstrating) carbon neutrality through the quantification, reduction, removal and offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions. 

It establishes a hierarchy for carbon neutrality. Essentially,  greenhouse gas emission reductions (direct and indirect) and increased removals enhancements take precedence over offsetting. This hierarchy is then used to outline a reputable and realistic pathway to carbon neutrality, including short and long-term targets for minimising the carbon footprint of an organisation and/or product.. 

Benefits of using BS ISO 14068-1:2023.

As outlined by BSI Standards, the reasons an organisation may choose to utilise BS ISO 14068-1:2023 include:

You can find out more about how the new BSI standard on carbon neutrality can benefit your business by downloading their free executive briefing here.

To talk to someone from the Buildpass team about ways that you can achieve carbon neutrality within your next (or current!) construction or renovation project, drop us a line and we can arrange a free consultation.

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