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The new battery storage standard charging into 2020. 

February 26, 2020

Andrew Sadler

Sustainability and building compliance expert. Specialising in low energy design, SAP, SBEM, BREEAM, and air testing for the construction industry,

Andrew Sadler

The MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) has launched a new battery storage standard. But what does this actually mean for the industry? 

At Buildpass, keeping up to date with industry trends, announcements and events is a key part of our business. We’re part of an industry that is constantly evolving… and rightly so. Energy efficiency tools and systems are on the rise, making it an exciting time not only for the sector but for the entire world.

One of the latest updates? The new battery storage scheme from MCS.

Earlier this month, MCS published the first standard for the installation of battery energy storage systems.

MCS is a nationally recognised, quality assurance scheme. It provides the framework for the certification of microgeneration technologies used to produce energy and heat from low carbon sources (picture solar PV, biomass, heat pumps and the like). They’re heavily supported by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Basically, they’re a bit of a big deal.

The aim of the new battery storage standard is to better complement the certification of other microgeneration technologies. It’s been launched following a surge in the use of energy storage technologies to boost renewage energy usage here in the UK.

There’s a want and a need for it: the new battery storage systems are being developed in conjunction with a project funded by the MCS Charitable Foundation, exploring the self-consumption of solar PV electricity with or without battery storage systems). The impact could be huge.

The updated battery storage scheme hopes to better prepare the industry for rolling out energy storage installations, while maintaining consumer protection.

Registration made under the new scheme will be placed alongside any small-scale renewable energy installations held centrally within the MCS Installation Database.

The idea is that this will offer a “one-stop-shop” for installers (eliminating the need to access a separate system) and a system for consumers to discover and understand all their renewable energy needs in one centralised place.

If everything goes to plan, this will mean faster, more cost-effective certification processes.

With initial pilots set to be released by mid-March, we’re expecting plenty more updates about this new step for the sustainable energy industry. We’re excited to see how this new scheme develops and is rolled out.

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