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Behind the scenes with Buildpass… The Case Study Series.

September 20, 2019

Andrew Sadler

Sustainability and building compliance expert. Specialising in low energy design, SAP, SBEM, BREEAM, and air testing for the construction industry,

Andrew Sadler

Last month we launched The Case Study Series; a behind the scenes look into the world of Buildpass and the brilliant clients we are able to support.

Because we’re so much more than just a one trick pony. Our business is built on finding solutions and giving people the tools and confidence to create their dream developments that are sustainable and cost effective.

We believe that all homes – no matter the age, no matter the location – have the potential to be energy efficient. It’s the small part we want to play in supporting the planet.

Here’s the latest way we worked with a new client on the upgrade of an older build. Enjoy!

Case study #2


Our client had a beautiful, older house, dating back to the 1960s. The large, poorly insulated house was racking up huge energy bills with cold drafts making the winter months far from enjoyable. Rather than upping and starting again, they wanted to fix what was already there; the type of job we love.


The house is in Winchester, on a plot of land that allowed for various extensions over time. Although this has made for a stunning, totally personalised home, it also means more and more space lacking in that energy efficiency and continuing to cost big bucks. 


As fantastically designed as the home – and its extensions – are, older developments simply don’t have the same structures in place to maintain heat and pump out energy efficiently. The client therefore wanted to upgrade their windows, heating and insulation but had no idea where to start. 

They came to us to find out the best order to carry out the work (and specifically what that work might look like), likely costs and the 10 year payback. This all had the ultimate aim of tying in fabric upgrades to further extension work and reducing those pesky energy bills. 


We worked closely with the client to deliver a 10 year cost analysis, as well as a clearly defined plan on the areas to focus on first to allow for the best spend for payback.

As part of the consultation, we encouraged the client to:

The client has now been able to apply simple, cost-effective additions to their extension plans, enabling major changes for their home and considerable savings for their future.

We consider that a job well done!

Let us support you in achieving energy excellence. Get in touch for a no obligation chat today.

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