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Behind the scenes with Buildpass… The Case Study Series.

November 21, 2019

Andrew Sadler

Sustainability and building compliance expert. Specialising in low energy design, SAP, SBEM, BREEAM, and air testing for the construction industry,

Andrew Sadler

We love the huge array of clients we get to work with here at Buildpass. And that’s why we are excited to showcase our different areas of expertise with The Case Study Series.

Sometimes in life, we aren’t always given the best advice. And when you’re putting all of your trust in the experts, this can be detrimental.

We pride ourselves on our highly personalised service, finding individual solutions for every single one of our clients. This means we are always passionate about helping those who may have been steered in the wrong direction.

Take a look at the recent way we supported a client who had been fed contradictory advice on the design of their roof.

Case study #4


Our client had already begun to build the extensions for their development and had created an original design for the roof. Part way through the process, they brought in Building Control to review their construction works.

After taking a look at the designs, Building Control suggested a new specification for the roof. Our client took it on board and carried on with the build, happy and motivated.

… until a new Building Control Officer came in threw a spanner in the works by challenging these changes.


At this point, our client had already finished the roof; they were at a total loss over what to do. They’d received two entirely contradictory pieces of advice and now had no idea of the best way forward.

Not only was this incredibly disruptive to the build – that was now in its final stages – but it brought a major deal of confusion and anxiety along with it.


As a general rule, we always advise our clients to get us involved as early as possible in the building process. We know this will save them time and money on any last minute alterations that could be avoided, giving them the best possible chance of achieving building compliance.

But we know this isn’t always possible, and we pride ourselves on our ability to join you at any stage and work hard to give you a successful outcome. Our client had been put in a difficult position that was out of their control. They needed someone reliable, trust-worthy and knowledgeable to take charge and show them the most efficient route of progression.

Which is exactly what we did.


The client needed a quick turnaround, and so we checked thoroughly through their designs and proposed the easiest and most effective alterations for them to install that would be the least unsettling to the overall build.

We then worked closely with them and Building Control until we were able to achieve a satisfactory solution and end result.

“Buildpass were very helpful in sorting out a difficult Building Control Officer by providing SAP and U Value calculations for an extension. They were always available on the phone and had enough experience to really fight your corner.”

The Client

We were extremely pleased with the speed of the end result… and clearly our client was too!

Let us help you achieve building compliance. Get in touch for a no obligation chat today.

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