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PAS 2035 Retrofit

July 5, 2020


What is PAS 2035?

The scheme has been introduced to fill a need in the house market to set out standards for the retrofit of existing homes. The framework was introduced following the recommendations of the Governments Each Home Counts review. 

PAS 2035 essentially provides a specification for the energy retrofit of domestic buildings, and details best practice guidance for domestic retrofit project

Why PAS 2035?

Although current energy standards are well established for new building construction, it is clear that significant improvements need to be made to improve the energy efficiency of the UK’s current building stock, if the country is to meet its global carbon commitments.

The UK Government commissioned the Each Home Counts review to identify and tackle the high level of failure present in domestic retrofit, and to determine a better process for the retrofit of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures. 

The government has proposed to make compliance with PAS 2035 mandatory for all public funded projects which would include ECO funded retrofit projects.

Should I retrofit my house to these standards?

There are a number of ongoing benefits from undertaking deep retrofit working on your home. Obviously ones include lower energy bills and lower carbon emissions. However, the benefits extend fair beyond this to better occupant comfort and health.

What else you might want to know…

Other schemes exist for retrofit including the AECB Silver Retrofit Standards, and the enePHit scheme run by the Passivhaus Institute. We are qualified to support and certify both schemes.

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