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Pass your air test first time

July 15, 2019

I am Graham, I have been air testing buildings for over 10 years, I enjoy working with site teams from large commercial schemes to air tight Passivhaus. Working together we have achieved some great results along the way.

Graham Sadler

They’re the words architects dread; you’ve failed your air leakage test. And the best part? It’s your handover tomorrow.

Your air leakage test (also known as an air pressure test or an air tightness test) is an essential part of your finished build. It measures the extent to which air is lost through uncontrolled leaks in the building fabric and, ultimately, defines the energy performance of the building.

We tend to leave these tests until the very last minute. After all, we want to give ourselves the maximum chance of passing building regulations, right?

Until you’re left holding the short straw. A new build that doesn’t measure up and homeowners who are ready and waiting to move in. 

Cue panic.

Ready for the good news? We’re here to fix that.

As your one-stop energy and sustainability consultant, we have the flexibility and skills to attend your property at short notice and steer you back in the right direction if you do miss the mark.

Because we’ll never walk away from a problem. In fact, we’ll work alongside your site team to achieve a pass during our visit, rather than just marking a red cross on your door.

Our experience means we know exactly what it takes to make your build as air tight as possible without having to resort to difficult and costly measures.

We will:

We’re passionate about what we do. We want to be part of an industry that truly understands and harnesses the impact of sustainability and energy performance. That’s why we won’t stop until your air leakage test is signed off with a giant tick.

Download our FREE cheatsheet on the most common areas of air leakage failures. 

Keen to find out more? Get in touch for a no-strings-attached chat. Let us take a weight off your shoulders and help you pass your air leakage test.

Air tightness is a multi-layered, complex subject – and we’re just scratching the surface! To find out more download our guide to 12 steps to airtightness.

Find out how Buildpass can help with your air tightness testing requirements.

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