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New survey shows that less than a third of businesses know how energy efficient their building is.

April 18, 2023

Sustainability and building compliance expert. Specialising in low energy design, SAP, SBEM, BREEAM, and air testing for the construction industry,

Andrew Sadler

Buildpass investigates a new survey outlining a staggering lack of awareness around energy efficiency and business buildings.

To encourage workers back into the office, Irwin Mitchell recently conducted a survey ‘Redefining the Office – A report on office occupier trends in 2023’ to identify how office purposes need to be re-evaluated to reflect current and future business needs. 

As expected, the survey found that environmental concerns need to be high on the agenda due to the huge impact it can have on an occupant’s health and comfort. However, despite the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards legislation (MES) coming into effect on April 1st 2023, many UK businesses have a lack of understanding around energy efficiency of office buildings. As the UK government begins to get stricter on their journey to sustainability and net zero, these findings are worrying, highlighting to all of us how important it is that local businesses better awareness of their energy efficiency. 

What were the key survey findings?

The new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards legislation requires property owners to have a minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E. However, the survey found that only 52% of respondents (500 office property decision makers) said they knew the EPC rating of their office building. 

What’s even more surprising is that:

As the government tightens their rules, it’s no wonder that these statistics have shaken up the industry. It’s crucial that we all do our bit to help spread awareness and our knowledge of EPC, MEES and sustainable construction within a building, especially as the top driver for change appears to be reducing energy bills and maximising energy efficiency. The industry has access to so many amazing tools and services to improve energy efficiency. Let’s share our expertise and shout about what we offer to help! 

Why businesses must improve their awareness of energy efficiency.

As well as adhering to the MES legislation from April 2023, it’s down to everyone – including businesses – to be aware of their own energy efficiency and their impact on the sustainable agenda. Looking into the government’s net zero agenda, sadly, it’s clear that they are continuing to ‘talk the talk’, but are struggling to ‘walk the walk’, failing to provide a clear plan and investment for the UK and its businesses. However, there may be light at the end of the tunnel as, by the end of this month, the high court has ruled that the government will need to clarify how its net zero strategy targets will in fact be met. Being aware of your energy efficiency and personal sustainable impact will be crucial for any future changes or legislations that will inevitably come into play, helping to make the changes as smooth as possible for you.

Also, improving your energy efficiency awareness is actually financially better for you. Understanding the process and small changes you can make within your builds will save you money in the long run as it can help you to reduce your energy bills, which is especially beneficial with the current cost of living situation!

It also is a really good seal for a business. Being able to say how sustainable you are can be a major selling point, as it was found that 65% of respondents said they were more likely to work for a company with a strong environmental policy, according to Insightful Environments. Not only will it put you in a positive light, but you can also utilise it for marketing and PR purposes, helping to attract new customers and talent to your organisation. So, not only will you be helping the environment, but there’s also a tremendous amount of benefits for your business too – It’s a win, win situation!

Can Buildpass advise my business on how to improve its energy efficiency?

Yes!. As your personal energy and sustainability consultant, we will guide you through your journey to energy efficiency, whether you are an architect, developer or self-builder. From pre planning support right through to post construction testing and certification, we are here to help you to create low energy, zero carbon construction projects in a simple, cost effective way. To put it simply, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do!

Request a call today to discuss your needs with a member of the team and see how we can help you step into your own journey with energy efficiency and sustainable construction.

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